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yesterday we saw some of the stars in the NFL wearing in the 2012 Nike professional training camp Nike Lunar TR1+ "fuel" new color, this time we will see a similar to the "fuel" the color of the NIKE FREE HAVEN Free series of 3 new products as the shoes of a Nike, Free and Haven 3 before the release of Free Trainer 5 V3 and Free Run+ 3 have many similarities, one can see the bottom is Free. The shoes and the previous Free series of other shoes of the biggest feature is that the top of the Seamless black synthetic leather as the main material, but also joined the numerous triangular ventilation mesh design. But this is also the most dazzling mesh lining and shoe body Swoosh using a gradient color green to red fluorescence combustion of the fuel, but also joined the rubber material on rugged green fluorescence to stability and color. 2012-6-29 11:17 upload and download attachments (152.75 KB) ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte III Oreo ASICS Tiger series; this season for the classic shoes GEL-Lyte III new "Oreo" series. As its name suggests, black and white tones became the principal axis of the series. The body is made of high quality leather shoes, head and middle part in black and white two kinds of combination of simple collision, and the contrast color ink rich whole details in the end. priced at about $$152, the new ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte III "Oreo" series will start on sale at designated stores such as Afew on July 15th.China's National People's Congress intends to pass a corporate tax proposal that seems no longer important in the next few days, thus symbolically ending a preferential policy for foreign investment for nearly 30 years. foreign equity enterprises and nearly 60 special economic zones enterprises, the current rate of 15% to pay corporate tax, less than half of the local enterprises 33% tax rate. in order to attract and isolate foreign investment, China established the first special economic zone in Shenzhen in 1980. Since then, however, the number of SAR has increased sharply as regions compete to attract foreign investment. the proposal, which has been discussed for 7 years since its first introduction in 2000, will begin to unify the tax rates of domestic and foreign enterprises to about 25% of the average level next year. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of management Huang Yasheng said: "this is a serious matter, not because of the actual impact, but because it marks the policy orientation is different from the orthodox ideas of 90s. The 90s orthodoxy called foreign direct investment a magic prescription for solving tough problems." UBS, an investment bank, said foreign investment had never been dominant in China's capital spending, reaching a peak of about 16% in the middle of 90s, and has now fallen back to around 5%. however, tax relief was once a sign of higher value for foreign capital, because foreigners were cheap jordans considered to have superb technical and managerial skills. PWC in Shanghai, Ren Yinglin said: "the vast majority of foreign investment in China -- not for tax reasons, but for business reasons, such as a huge market, consumers can supply Chinese upstream." most global multinationals have business in China, but a large part of the overseas funds come from China, Taiwan and Hongkong, and even come from China in a roundabout way. These funds are often invested in low-cost factories for export. China's funds are "round trip"; outflows from tax havens such as Hongkong or the British Virgin Islands are returned to China for tax concessions. )As the core of the Spurs players Ginobili before the game was Nike for which to create special boots, this appearance before a total of three new versions of Nike Lebron 11, respectively, the use of white, black and grey are also made with gold swoosh and presents the details of the decoration. 1-140606093041.jpg (157.49 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-6-6 09:43 Nike LeBron lbj11 upload 11, Ginobili, 00 recently, the court of Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone properly transferred the knot a group of migrant workers for labor compensation cases, received 30 workers overdue wages. the morning of October 13th, 30 migrant workers from Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone court proceedings, require the same defendant Zhenjiang City Shoes Co. company to pay labor remuneration, the total amount of 40 thousand yuan. The development of district court quickly convened the court, responsible person to determine the treatment plan. On the morning of that is sent to the office of labor and Social Security Bureau to understand the relevant facts, and to identify the operating conditions of the defendant. The other on the premise of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers in accordance with the law, to avoid improper measures taken to the losses, properly take seizure, freezing measures. in addition, the court increased out of court mediation efforts. After the filing, the contractor directly contact the person responsible for the unit, according to the actual situation, put forward reasonable and feasible solutions. In the afternoon, in charge of the House leadership and district labor and Social Security Bureau contact to understand the situation, the person in charge of the defendant to court investigation, the defendant refused to pay the labor remuneration of workers identify the facts. The undertaker quickly with the legal representative, in the case of the plaintiff refused to pay labor remuneration, to take decisive measures to seize the company. Three days later, received 30 workers overdue wages. (Editor: admin)Jordan brand is Chris · Paul (Chris Paul) to build a new boots Jordan CP3.X have released a new design, I believe this will be the official release in the near future. This time we once again usher in a red and black two new products, is still a solid color collocation ink decorated TPU shoes, equipped with transparent rubber outsole finally ending. 1.jpg (69.6 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.X new color 2016-9-21 08:52 upload 4.jpg (110.96 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.X new color 2016-9-21 08:52 upload 5.jpg (101.21 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.X new color 2016-9-21 08:52 upload 2.jpg (83.93 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.X new color 2016-9-21 08:52 upload 3.jpg (66.75 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.X new color 2016-9-21 08:52 upload 6.jpg (48.52 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.X new color 2016-9-21 08:52 upload 7.jpg (92.59 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.X new color 2016-9-21 08:52 upload 10.jpg (141.11 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.X new color 2016-90In the earlier working with Nike Air Force 1 High classic shoes "Nozzle Cap" and Air Classic BW, before the graffiti artist Stash Nike and revealed to be together again by the new project, launched a pair of new Nike Zoom Spiridon. This time by the use of shoes classic Zoom Spiridon modelled on the shoe body with blue and white color as the main theme, through the network and build the mosaic suede leather shoes, with Swoosh Logo as the electroplating color embellishment, finally equipped with iconic shock absorption show. Unfortunately, today's shoes did not release relevant information on sale, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. Concepts in Boston, just released with New Balance cooperation to build 574 "Boston" limit, and once again join the ASICS to bring you 25th anniversary commemorative classic shoes ASICS Gel Lyte III. 's Concepts to the Olympic theme color tone, with red, white and blue classic, intertwined logo of suede and mesh material, interpretation of classical invariant concept, the golden ASICS Logo side blessing is more noble. ASICS Gel Lyte III ushered in the 25th anniversary anniversary in has to send a lot of heavy joint, the cooperation with Concepts is the climax, it never belongs to the rare color classic items, it is reported that the Concepts x ASICS Gel Lyte III will be officially opened on April 25th sale, interested in friends may wish to advance to find a good channel to start.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; December 4, 2006 news, recently a popular Nike shoes and be able to connect the iPod player sports accessories, it can track the movement of the footprint. This is likely to be dishonest people used to track people. In fact, the device is simple to use yet secretive, maybe have been used to track, while the person being tracked but may not be aware. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the accessory is called the Nike + iPod, the shoes which uses a computer chip, the receiver is connected to the iPod Nano to send signals. This $ 29 device has sold about 450,000. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, some computer science students to learn discovery signals emitted by the accessory can be detected beyond 60 feet. If someone that is smaller than a matchbox devices and Google Maps used in combination, it can be very easy to determine whether a person is just out, so as to provide the best opportunity for the thieves blatant crime. In addition, some people may also be the receiver of the parts hidden in homes, the gym or elsewhere, for the target person's actions closely monitored. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The researchers said a common level of high school students have a computer at the weekend could easily manufacture a receiver. However, self-protection method is very simple, is to choose Shut Down. When the device is turned on sale, but most users never tried to close it. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, a student of the problem was first discovered, said: This accessory will bring great social problem, because if people buy a toaster, he must know toaster through the power generally does not explode. However, if you buy this is the Nike + iPod sports accessories, they can not know when their privacy will be violated. This situation should not be continued.[Chinese shoes Network - when the new equipment] May 12 morning, this season, the FA Cup final will be at Wembley Stadium in London started, as last season's Premier League champion, played poorly this season for Manchester City This trophy is done. And as "Blue Moon," the main war, Aguero will wear a pair of boots unprecedented flair in the final against Wigan. For this Puma's latest limited edition evoSPEED Series boots, the British "Daily Mail" to "outrageous pink" to describe. According to reports, this boots to help improve the ability to change direction and sense of ball players. Aguero will be wearing the boots debut this season the FA Cup final, coach Roberto Mancini has issued a kill order, requiring players must beat Wigan in the final, won the FA Cup. Compared to last season, Aguero state of decline this season, this is also his emotional crisis are not unrelated. A kun last season in all competitions for Manchester City 48 appearances and scored 30 goals, but this season, played 36 times Argentine striker scored only 16 goals. In addition to Aguero, Atletico Madrid front Pa Falcao is also the spokesman for this boots, popular Colombian striker will wear this shoe to participate Deportivo and Barcelona against Atletico Madrid in the Primera Liga.There are people hang around outside the shop reluctant to leave [Chinese shoes Network], "Too bad, how close the way?" Because distributes internal employees and their families will sell 3.5 fold ticket into the community, resulting in the evening of July 2 congestion at hundreds of customers Adidas Wangfujing, the scene was very chaotic. Last night, Adidas Wangfujing shop locked, and the announcement last night canceled a scheduled sale will be the continuation of the internal activities. And Adi side said, Wangfujing because the lease will be closed no longer in business, but closed shop and the sale will be an event not within the relationship. 6 o'clock yesterday evening, the reporter went to the Adidas Wangfujing see, shop locked, dark store, can vaguely see through the glass on the store shelves have been empty. stuck on the glass door several announcements, the announcement reads: Due to internal reasons, was scheduled to internal welfare held tonight sales Adidas canceled. "This is not hoodwinked people? How off you?" Many people holding hands of employees within the adidas merchandise will sell tickets excitedly came after the announcement saw outside the shop have started to complain, and people hang around outside the shop reluctant to leave. Mr. Su told reporters that he was not Adi staff, but a friend to his mailbox a pass in the electronic version will sell tickets, so he printed out. At 19:30 on July 2, he came to the Adidas store, ready to take 6:00 to 9:00 within the bazaar, did not think the shop is closed, when hundreds of people in front of the shop congestion admission requirements, So he left, until 10 o'clock returned to find into the store, then into the store to buy a pair of shoes. The next day he wants to come around, but found that the store has closed. Reporters saw the tickets stated, July 2nd, the 3rd, Adidas Wangfujing Night will be held from 6:00 to 9:00 will sell merchandise within the staff, the audience merchandise 3.5 fold, and marked with the admission ticket, copies are available, each accompanied by a family member may have a ticket. Mr. Sun said, his friends Adi staff, gave him a inner bazaar tickets. 2 evening he came to Adidas store, found the shop already congested two to three hundred people, then more and more. "The crowd accounted for half of the pavement pedestrian street," then he knows that the shop put the first customers into the store, asked to produce a work permit in order to approach internal staff, then put the shop closed. Blocking the front of the store hundreds of customer chanting "open", the scene also came a few police to maintain order. To 10:00 pm, waiting outside the shop customers are secure admission Yesterday, reporters learned from Lee at Adidas (China) senior public relations manager, originally scheduled for July 2, 3 Sell ??operated stores in Wangfujing evening will be held for internal employee benefits sales activities. Due to the work of mistakes, we had tickets for the outflow of internal employees and their families to use, that has caused overcrowding within July 2 will be the scene of the evening to sell, so the company decided to cancel the sale will be activity inside last night. She also said that because the lease expires Wangfujing closes no longer in business, but closed shop and the sale will be an event not within the relationship.