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looked at the small write so many articles on the Adidas period is not a little bit tired? Don't say you, I can't stand it, today Xiaobian to bring about Nike shoes. Speaking of Nike, presumably a lot of friends of shoes will be the first time that Air Jordan series. Yes, but that is a star of this series of shoes. We look at the first ten AJ today. (this chapter for the private view, light spray oh) TOP 10: Air Jordan 9Even if Jordan did not play in the AJ9 through the , but the 9 generation is still a pair of good shoes. In addition, you have to admit that this pair of shoes slip and baseball shoes nail too. TOP 9: Air Jordan 6In fact, the 6 generation of before and after several generations are easily confused, but the 6 generation of the large tongue helps it talent shows itself. In addition, Jordan wore a AJ6 for the first time to win the championship. TOP 8: Air Jordan 13 left for the 05 version, the right for the 10 edition of is a double bull periodof Jordan foot shoes, but because other people get more attention, can you believe it? Thanks to actor Denzel · Washington to wear AJ13 in the movie "He Got Game" TOP 7: Air Jordan 7Jordan is wearing AJ7 led the dream team won the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games gold medal, making the shoes ranking * * AJ7 is improved, and a pair of nice and good wear shoes. TOP 6: Air Jordan 5 transparent outsole, reflecting the tongue, inspired by the World War II P-15 fighter, a variety of factors combine to make AJ5 people can not extricate themselves! TOP 5: Air Jordan 12 excellent durability, and the classic "Flu Game" blessing makes AJ12 a lot of shoes fan favorite. TOP 4: Air Jordan 4 "Do The Right Thing (for)" let AJ4 have more exposure, but also become a symbol of the age of Broolyn. Every time I see this pair of shoes, ear could be heard " Fight the Power". TOP 3: Air Jordan 3 this is the first double use Jumpman Logo shoes, Jordan Brand now is 〉Air Jordan XXXI launched a low version is not news, but when a formal sale and offering what color is very important. Now the first Air Jordan XXXI Low officially unveiled, the weaving characteristics of dark gray color and with the gradual presentation, followed by a huge Logo i cheap air jordans n tone on tone's technique of using black low-key presentation. At present, the high value of Air Jordan XXXI. Low has been officially added in Nike, the sale price is 1399 yuan. You are interested in, will hold a mobile phone. shoes& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] 1979, Adidas Copa Mundial / World Cup football boots born, has become the world's most famous football shoes. Last year, for the first time Adidas Copa Mundial bright body colors used, such as Brazil before the World Cup, "samba" package, and now it's younger brother Kaiser 5 also released a color version. Copa Mundial is undoubtedly the world's most classic single soccer shoes, it never gets old. Full Kangaroo Leather Fabric unparalleled comfort and feel, Copa Mundial is the most pure soccer shoes. And its little brother Kaiser 5 is not bad, but now also adds color version. Kaiser 5 and Copa Mundial collinear production in Germany, but the former uses a leather fabric, comfort is also not much difference than the latter. In the past, it is hard to imagine a year will be released so many new soccer shoes, so when football shoes are very durable. Another reason why the classic Copa Mundial is a public football sport stars such as Maradona, Beckenbauer, Platini, etc. have to select it as their own boots, and even that did not pass through Copa Mundial are not professional players. In the Kaiser 5 latest color, in addition to the traditional black, and blue, white and red. Bright colors to join, so this tradition boots shine a new life. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Jin Chang elevator shoes)This gold LUNARGRAND upper is made of pure leather material, and collocation signs with white showing Lunarlon soles. A blend of traditional shoemaking technology innovation and technology and Cole Haan insoles to build out. Bring incomparable touch, flexibility and traction for fashion, but also how traditional dress shoes can be comfortable in giving a new definition of modern city walk. Cole Haan gold LunarGrand in Asia will limit the supply of about 350 pairs, including Hongkong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and indonesia. The price of HK $$3100, love it pay attention to the sale of information. play-loud-cole-haan-limited-edition-gold-lunargrand-22642-750x499.jpg (46.98 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-11 10:06 upload play-loud-cole-haan-limited-edition-gold-lunargrand-15008-750x499.jpg (60.08 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-11 10:05 upload 00nike-air-footscape-desert-chukka-barkroot-brown-available-1.jpg (204.34 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Footscape Desert Chukka Barkroot Brown 2014-10-27 10:22 uploadNike Air Pegasus 83 is now available for sale at 2014-05-06 22:47:45 2014 Nike Air Pegasus 83 shoes second colors are now on sale. The vamp is made of mesh material and suede material, which provides good texture while ensuring breathability. The white and blue midsole is very refreshing, and the red shoes make people feel good at first sight. At present, the shoes have been sold on the Nike official website, like friends can try. adidas D Rose 5 new color release 2014-09-01 10:56:05 with Derek. Ross come back, Adidas D Rose series master finally can wear it in the field, thought Ross will be wearing Adidas D Rose 5 will debut on behalf of bulls, but because this is the men's Basketball World Cup, so it's also a lot of the first show in advance. Recently, the network released a new pair of colors, the use of bright leather to build uppers, blue green color mainly laid the shoes "cool" atmosphere, white decoration part of the details, I hope the new generation of shoes can play a better protection for Ross. Chinese shoes Network August 7 hearing, the well-known sports brand Nike and UK brand Liberty calico together again, this cooperation is shoes Track Spikes series, including the Nike Zoom Victory Elite, as well as a pair of Nike Zoom JA Fly , shoes in the 1960s "Mirabelle" stamp for design inspiration, shoes, body covered with Zou chrysanthemum, ivy, strawberry and other floral patterns, as if a sudden the people into nature, to fully experience the share of natural flavor. Combined with the Flywire technology, carbon fiber soles, running shoes is absolutely not to be underestimated "role", of course, all of this must be followed on foot ran around can really feel the real charm. Wherein the Nike Zoom Victory Elite only flagship store in London, Liberty sale, price and release date being unknown, we will closely monitor the progress of this cooperation.hit the shoes is not terrible who fake who embarrassed YEEZY BOOST 350 released a few days later, the editor in the subway to see do pancake fruit brother has a pair of new shopping malls, small jewelry store shopping guide sister also has a pair of...... The eldest brother said is the night market to spend 100 yuan to buy the shopping mall to buy Xidan; sister said, 149 yuan starting...... editor read a treasure, uh...... This price is almost. I haven't seen the genuine baby, see a treasure is a very real image with the official. could not help feeling, I really do not generally Chinese copycat skill! Manual praise! now more than the street, shopping malls, office...... Edit the circle of friends who are purchasing shoes, no double YEEZY BOOST 350, are mixed in this circle feel shy! YEEZY BOOST 350 (source: Deng Xiaofei Deng Weibo) As for the is really false, how much money, too lazy to care about editing. Because I have no money! Cannot afford?? Watch it...... true trendsetter early after the several and those who still buy Coconut shoes people ah, really Metrosexual have to transfer their attention to other new products. The new 1. Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Semi Frozen " with a yellow tone, very recognizable zebra texture; a shoe provided with suture, striking orange tone shows; luminous elements large injection, soles, shoes, shoes and lining with luminous effect blessing, highly visual impact! 2.The Weeknd x PUMA XO Parallel The Weeknd x PUMA XO Parallel PUMA global brand spokesperson The Weeknd, brother of pot "to cooperate with PUMA, to create the first pair of signature shoes The Weeknd x PUMA XO Parallel. The sole is thickened, attractive, thick high street wind, a zipper, very nice! 8 24 in KITH, The Webster and Barneys designated shop on sale, priced at $220 dollars. 3.Supreme x Nike Dunk High branded shoes Supreme x Nike Dunk High branded shoes Supreme Nike and Dunk High moves constantly, branded shoes, uppers with red leather collocation of white wool, Logo hidden in the insole, brief luxurious, comfortable low-key, do not know what will be adjusted version of sale. The thirty-second generation of 4. Air Jo〉 talked with everyone before you because of what money to buy a pair of shoes? to talk with that can say too much but there will look at the material to buy some shoesHave a great relationship with the quality of shoes material, such as leather toe easily damaged. Different materials on foot texture is different, especially in the summer, the effect will be more obvious. so, canvas surface, leather surface, mesh surface estimates you have today, and you talk about suede shoes. suede shoes I also have a pair of . is Vans, is probably the last time to buy. CONVERSE Changqing ChuckTaylor classic canvas shoes for men and women high $188 to buy Converse one star Converse is the summer a lot of people's credit card shoes, because it is cheaper, more color. CONVERSE retro 1970 Samsung standard men and women canvas shoes for $168 to buy Everyone has a pair of in addition to 1970s, One star in the year of giant temptation. you [ ] CONVERSE motorcycle models lovers street fashion $440 to buy one star is a large part of the vamp is made of suede. After and NBHD cooperation, followed by Undefeated and converse in red and white, red and green, or to Unfortunately, speed than other people in the region! one star color leather suede, can meet your different style collocation. dress has no fixed form, with the pants piled on the ground is also very nice, key to see yourself! zoom muntjac Pimian, is not feeling better than 1970s. Adidas campus adidas also has some good retro shoes, will use the present retro feel suede materials to reflect, adidas campus used to wear the shoes for the foot is very suitable. in fact, at first glance, shoes, superstar, Stan and Smith are not much difference, Shell head, and worn out street green tail, campus I see more worth trying, MVPBOY men's shoes sports shoes, casual shoes breathable trend of Korean $188 to buy either pure or semi casual Street collocation with trousers are. We will continue to focus on the latest progress of this pair of shoes: 〈br. 〈/br.