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Russell Russell Andre Roberson: Nike Air Zoom Kevin Durant: Nike Leonard: Jordan Ultra.Fly Enes Kanter: Nike Air Max Serge Ibaka: Adidas D Manu Ginobili: Nike Steven Adams: Adidas D Kevin Serge Ibaka: Adidas D from 1983 production of 100 thousand pairs of shoes, to last year produced 400 million pairs of various types of shoes products, "a pair of shoes go the world" has become a big reputation in Putian. After the reform and opening up as the first generation of women's work, have a deeper feeling, let reporters -- : a few days ago, Lin Yan from Wu Tong town and his son and daughter visited the third Putian international shoe-making equipment and shoes exhibition. The exhibition of the latest equipment, shoes made her dazzling. The old man was the first representative of the footwear industry in the city - - the revitalization of the Lao Ma shoe factory. Since 1980, she has worked in a hemp shoe factory. Today, the revitalization of the shoe factory has become a new fruit Shoes Co., ltd.. development and change about nearly 30 years of "shoe city", the retired old worker excited, she used 3 words to describe. "shoes look better and better."". In those years, Lin Yan was still a young woman, and she was lucky to be a working woman of the first shoe factory in our city. Revitalization of the shoe factory by the city of our shoes industry veteran figures - such as Cai Qiuhui founded. After more than 10 years of farm work, she went into the factory and started knitting shoes. Every day, the girls are keen and quick to produce a lot of products. In order to earn extra money, every day they also reclaim some raw materials, together with the family "burn the midnight oil". In the first few years, they produced the simplest leather shoes, plastic shoes, cloth shoes and so on. The color is usually less than 10. Now, Lin Yan's children in factory made shoes, tricks or not, sometimes even employed 20 years she also not Qingyuan material is shoes or sports shoes series. "do the shoes to wear."". Lin Yan said, when the conditions are limited, they produce mostly semi-finished products, it is difficult to know the final shape of finished products. Now, after the assembly line operation, most shoe factories have the ability to produce finished shoes. Also, at the time of their own hand produced "flip flops" like it, but every pair of exports, and want to buy can not buy. Unlike the current children who want to wear what kind of new shoes, you can pay for it. Shoes made by hand are not the same as they feel! "natives are big."". In Lin Yan's memory, almost all the big bosses of early Putian shoes came from Taiwan. Such as the new fruit of Tang Tong, Li Feng, big Geely and other large factories management, Gao Cengqing is taiwanese. In recent years, Lin Yan from Xiabei hear Shuangchi, AFP etc. on the scale of Putian local shoe factory boss created, near the village of shoe of small workshops, small factories, so much that she wasn't sure. indeed, in the early 80s of last century, the city in line with geographical and networking advantages, the earliest to undertake the transfer of Taiwan footwear industry, the formation of the system RMB exchange rate is the most important reference index of spot interbank exchange market a jordan shoes online sale nd bank listed exchange rate. So, how should we view the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar to break through the 7.8 integer mark? people's University; Zhao Xijun: two-way volatility characteristic; obvious ; "RMB exchange rate once again exceeded the" integer mark ", indicating that the RMB exchange rate flexibility continues to improve, more market-oriented, and truly reflects the market supply and demand changes." Renmin University of China School of Finance vice president Zhao Xijun said, "this fully reflects China's RMB exchange rate formation mechanism reform goals and principles." Zhao Xijun said that the China economy a good momentum of development, opening up steadily, China has a strong appeal to foreign investors, this is the RMB exchange rate in recent years continued strong internal factors. However, he also reminded: "after the exchange reform, although the RMB exchange rate as a whole rose slowly, but the RMB exchange rate rise or fall, two-way fluctuations obvious features.". In the future, it does not rule out the possibility of a rebound in the RMB exchange rate." HSBC Qu Hongbin: year reached 7.5 1 HSBC, China's chief economist, Qu Hongbin pointed out yesterday that the trade surplus is a long-term structural problem; it is expected that the RMB exchange rate will reach 7.5 to 1 in the year. The Lehman brothers company expects the RMB exchange rate at the end of March will reach 7.74 to 1, to reach 7.5 by the end of 1. Credit Suisse believes that the end of the year will reach 7.6 to 1. , or overall appreciation this year, it is worth noting that if the dollar moves strongly this year, the exchange rate of the renminbi against major currencies is likely to change from last year's rise or fall to full appreciation. Last year, as the dollar weakened throughout the year, the renminbi rose against the dollar and depreciated against Euro currencies such as the euro. Last year, the yuan appreciated 3.35% against the dollar, up 3.6% against the Hong Kong dollar, up 5.95% against the yen, and 5.43% against the euro. however, this year's situation may change. According to a recent report by the International Monetary Fund, US dollar assets used in the central bank's foreign exchange reserves in the 2006 and third quarters have increased. )Nike Running's latest masterpiece, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32, ushered in a new color! , however, the color fits in with a large floral pattern, and the shoes also extend the streamlined design of the front shoe, which is made of mesh fabric. is supplemented by Flywire dynamic fly line and Zoom Air cushioning air cushion, which makes the feel of shoes more comfortable. AIR JORDAN before exposed spy 3 RETRO " Powder Blue" now there are new spy photos. The powder blue shoe will likely launch in 2014. The overall use of powder blue, in the end, the tongue, the heel part is used as a black Adidas Originals NMD one of the most anticipated colors of the 2017 spring summer army, NMD R2 the new "Collegiate Navy" will officially debut this week. the shoes with deep blue socks type Primeknit material to build the body of the shoe uppers, covered with white stripes "Shadow Noise" into the details, and red contrast in manufacturing the medial stability of block, outsole and heel tab and insole, then placed in the white BOOST midsole and translucent rubber outsole above. Priced at 180 euros, the shoes will begin on April 6th at , Solebox , , Adidas, Originals , and designated stores for sale. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! NOAH this week has brought us some new products - including a shirt, a red wine nautical Bandana square, multicolor optional "Track & warm pants Field striped T-shirt and cross Logo Dad Hat and a traditional street style. is currently available via Noah's official website. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!Nike KOBE A.D. black and white matching Taiwan dealer channel will be sold in December 16th, the price is 5400 yuan. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. is the world intellectual movement source: NIKE, Inc still remember in April this year, the German Solebox and ASICS to store shoes to create cooperation between the two sides but did not publicly sell Gel-Lyte III 'Blue Carpenter Bee' back to the market in 2012, with the growth of special concepts in Australia Xylocopa bombylans "bee" as the theme, the project recently launched again, the second wave debut this month the joint series designed by Sole Box founder Hikmet Sugoer featuring this time choose to use Gel-Lyte Runner as the prototype, the shoe body use bright leather and suede stitching structure, in addition to the representative of blue black outside more focus on the material of the atmosphere, the tongue and heel on hot stamping method, more detailed degree. Solebox x Asics Gel-Lyte Runner 'Blue Carpenter Bee' is expected to be sold at Solebox stores and Online Shop in July 16th at a price of 120 euros. source: Solebox believes that a number of operators have already taken the lead in experiencing the unique charm of Nike Kobe 10, which was recently released this month Near full-length Lunarlon midsole and seamless vamp plus boasts a history of the strongest grip it has now officially launched on NIKEiD, in addition to the body of the shoe block in the color collocation is the diversity of choice, in the bottom layer so that we can gradually add options to create your own exclusive style. source: NIKEiD from Chris Paul, the first pair of Jordan Brand signature shoes has been published for 7 years, he is also following the Carmelo Anthony and Derek Jeter, has its own personal shoes star. Time went back to 2008, and Paul described his race as "speed first."! "After all these years, he is very fast, even after 8 years of continuous all star baptism, have launched the 8 double signature shoes to become a true superstar, before Jordan Brand launched the ninth generation of signature shoes for him, foreign media SLAMonline also taking this opportunity, Chris Paul invited me to sit this pair of shoes down. "I know you've interviewed a lot of people, and everyone might say," I think this year's shoes are better than last year's shoes. ". But for me, there's no doubt about it. Paul, laughing at the start of the interview, said, "although I still knew about the look and features of the shoes when I was wearing the 8 generation a year ago, I was really excited when I saw them.". "." "from the 82 game to the playoffs, I wore a different pair of shoes in every game.". "Paul, then, about adapting to new shoes," actually, when people put on new shoes, they say, "Oh!"! These are new shoes. I will wear them better if I wear them more often. So, for Paul, he wants to create a comfortable shoe that comes out of the shoebox and doesn't have much time to adapt. Q:, here are your ninth pairs of signature shoes. How does it feel for you? has ninth double signature shoes really crazy, I grew to love all kinds of shoes, of course one day will dream of owning a pair of his shoes, but when truly, that is a "hard" start. As I often say to everyone, "everyone has a pair of shoes they like best.". Whether it's Jordan or Brand, you can say Jordan, the 11 or the 4 generation is your favorite, but once you have your shoes, you won't have only one pair of shoes, so that's the hardest part. Find out what you love most things and design, put your shoes on, remember CP3.1 is my love, the first generation of shoes just announced to me that's like God to give people the gift of God, as you said: "this is your shoes, life is the most beautiful what. But now the first generation of shoes is just as hard for me as bricks. I can't imagine how to wear it. Haha. But I'm happy that all this is slowly evolving, whether it's material, shock absorbers, or synthetic comfort. but I don't take it for granted. If I see someone walking on the road wearing my shoes, I'll say "〉" to them for the first time by LeBron James himself to star during the exposure of the Nike LeBron 13 Low in the near future with a new color stage, remove the shoe body inside and outside of Hyperposite material after coating to provide good ankle boots design socks inside, also use symbolic Cleveland wine red as the color collocation rubber sole, highlight that is different from the general low masculinity of basketball shoes, this style is currently the United States has been on sale in Taiwan is not related to selling news. source: EU KICKS in the TV show "the fresh prince of Bel Air" inspired "Bel-Air" color series theme seems to be to continue in this series? Jordan BCT Mid 2 in the overseas market, with black and blue leather uppers collocation in the bottom, and the green fluorescent powder and the color of the air to Logo this is the "Bel-Air" color?. source: kicksclusive, on, eBay this weekend, in addition to the long-awaited Air Jordan 6 "Carmine" on sale outside, Jordan Brand also prepared the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Carmine Air Jordan", with 1 original shoes as the foundation, using the same color concept to Air Jordan 6. Good degree is not lost to the deity. Compared to the Hybrid Jordan 1, which was introduced recently, combines other Air series of regular shoes, Xiao Bian feels that the effect of the simple color matching transplantation is better. Foreign market is expected to be listed in May 24th, type: 555088-123. source: HYPERBEASTASICS has developed a lot of Changqing shoes, after the test of time is still standing is the guarantee of quality, brand also continued to push a new layer, and now may also have a pair of shoes can make friends like running into the list, following GT-2000? 2, ASICS GT-2000 3 was once again? Foreign authoritative website Runner s' runners' BEST World BUY 'award. GT-2000? 3 has excellent historical heritage, is one of the representatives of ASICS's high support, this also will again through technology upgrading, equipped with the new Heel Clutching heel counter System? And FluidRide? In the end, let this generation become a light in the series, in each other under the overall configuration, effectively help runners maintain landing posture. source: WNCTTime: 2007-07-25 08:46 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association: click on the time since August 1st the Basf Inc will increase in North America Ellastolan brand; thermoplastic polyurethane products the price of $0.15 a pound, according to the contract or license. Basf Inc Elastollan thermoplastic polyurethane business manager JamesLausch said that because of raw materials and energy and transportation costs rose, we must raise product prices to ensure profitability. Elastollan thermoplastic polyurethane is widely used in Basf Inc will increase Ellastolan in North America since August 1st; brand thermoplastic polyurethane products priced at $0.15 / lb, or as contracted. Basf Inc Elastollan thermoplastic polyurethane business manager JamesLausch said that because of raw materials and energy and transportation costs rose, we must raise product prices to ensure profitability. Elastollan thermoplastic polyurethane is widely used in transportation, sports, leisure, electronics and computers, agriculture, footwear, aviation and mining. (editor in chief: admin)Source: Author: Click: according to the French leather Committee (French Leather Council - CNC), 2014 French shoe exports to Europe totaled 355 million 700 thousand euros, an increase of 15%; the Chinese export growth alarming, an increase of 89%. The total in 2014... French exports of shoes; according to the French leather Committee (French Leather Council - CNC), 2014 French shoe exports to Europe totaled 355 million 700 thousand euros, an increase of 15%; the Chinese export growth alarming, an increase of 89%. the total number of exported shoes in France in 2014 was 239 thousand and 600 pairs, compared with the total number of 235 thousand and 800 pairs in 2010. Over the same period, the export value showed an increase of 10 times. The selling price of French shoes in the Chinese market has increased from 13 euros per pair in 2010 to 132 euros per pair. over the past 5 years, the French shoes export volume stability remains unchanged, but the product style has been transformed high-end. In 2010, the export of leather shoes accounted for 18% of total exports of shoes, compared with 71% in 2014. : CNC chairman Frank Boehly said: "despite the fact that China's economy is slippery, sales of high-end French leather products continue to maintain strong growth in the Asian market.". Luxury goods and French products are the main advantages of the leather industry." (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)