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  • Steinmetz Integrated Software Solutions offers innovative and cost-effective solutions that help transform our customers' business.We leverage our expertise in domain and process transformations based on platforms to deliver end-to-end solutions to our customers. After a new era of transformation, we refocus our energies towards "Creating Memorable Daily Digital Experiences" for our clients.
  • Having clients who have a big business. Employees, who are proud to work with our company.Clients and employees are two sides of the same coin.
  • Conveying the right message at the right time is great marketing. Add great employees to the mix and our company is set to go from "good to great"!.
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    In the past, project-level factors received more focus when projects failed. Often ignoring or missing the fact that project success or failure rates were greatly driven by higher-level organization-wide factors. These high-level factors made it virtually impossible for project professionals to achieve project goals when both were either not in alignment or absent.

    The following seven steps are key to ensuring on-time, on-budget and goal-based project delivery; company and project leadership should be in sync in all of these areas if they are intent on creating the sustainable results stakeholders desire.

  • On time
  • Within budget
  • Original goals/business intent met
  • Experience scope creep
  • Failed projects
  • Budget losses due to failed projects
  • Benefits realization maturity
  • Approach to Effective Project Management

    Practical and effective project management has its roots in simplicity. Keeping it Simple makes it easy to understand. Project stakeholders can set unambiguous requirements, they can have clear expectations. Project stakeholders can measure project success in terms of benefits it delivers.These days you are expected to be efficient. Always! So, how can you make the difference? By being EFFECTIVE.

    In most cases, unclear project requirement definitely results in project failure. Right at the beginning ensure all relevant stakeholders understand project requirements clearly and the importance of having unambiguous project scope. It is not uncommon to see that sales team, project managers have to work with clients and help him articulate client’s requirements. Based on very high level project requirement, you can chalk out project charter, project scope.

    Successful project delivery is not a rocket science. But it is perceived to be complicated and demanding process and if these perceptions are not clarified, it induces errors, risks and makes project go off-track, overrun cost, deliver sub-standard outcome. Though it can be complicated and demanding processes, it is not conquerable. As per industry reports, there is still large percentage of project which are delivered successfully (on time, within budget, of desired quality). Following closing points will help you in succeeding project delivery.

  • Get clear project requirement, have clear understanding of project requirements
  • Have an eye for detailing : be it requirements, tasks, issues, risks or communications
  • Ensure team members have enough information to perform tasks, make them accountable
  • tick to project schedule, yet things can go wrong with project so deliberately have buffer while creating project schedule
  • Review project progress, initiate corrective actions quickly: stop project from failing
  • Keep key stakeholders informed, seek buy-in wherever, whenever necessary
  • Articulate key learning before closing project and utilize these learning aptly for future projects.
  • To get customer confirm successful project deliverable, you can schedule a pre-planned review meeting to get a formal agreement, seek feedback, identify positives and negatives of the whole exercise of delivering projects - project review. Thereafter, you should also conduct an internal review of the project to identify mistakes made, learning thereof and best way to move forward.

    Steinmetz profile

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